BALODY Block 18351 Gargamel Creator Expert


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Item No. BALODY 18351
Product Name: Gargamel
Theme: Creator Expert
Bricks Blocks: 782 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 6+
No original box

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✅BALODY 18351 Gargamel

✅Gargamel is a fictional character from the comic series and animated television show "The Smurfs," created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo. He is the main antagonist of the series and is known for his constant pursuit of the Smurfs, small blue creatures who live in a forest village.


Product Name: Gargamel

Category: Creator

This Kit Contains: BALODY 18351 

782 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Manual Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “Gargamel” you should not miss.

Gargamel is depicted as an evil wizard who is constantly scheming to capture the Smurfs, either to use them in his magical experiments or to eat them, as he believes they will grant him eternal youth. He is often accompanied by his cat, Azrael, who aids him in his attempts to catch the Smurfs. Despite his nefarious intentions, Gargamel is portrayed as bumbling and inept, and his schemes to capture the Smurfs usually end in failure thanks to the resourcefulness of the Smurfs and their leader, Papa Smurf.