PANLOSBRICK Block 611002 Dinosaur Indominus Rex Creator Expert


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Item No. PANLOSBRICK 611002
Product Name: Dinosaur Indominus Rex
Theme: Creator Expert
Bricks Blocks: 2108 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 6+
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✅Panlos 611002 Dinosaur Indominus Rex

✅The Indominus Rex is a fictional dinosaur species featured in the Jurassic World film series, which is a sequel and reboot of the original Jurassic Park franchise.  In the fictional universe of Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex is a genetically engineered hybrid dinosaur created by the fictional genetics company InGen. It was designed to be bigger, stronger, and more intelligent than any other dinosaur previously known.


Product Name: Dinosaur Indominus Rex

Category: Creator

This Kit Contains: Panlos 611002

2108 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 21 × 76 × 27 cm

Manual Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “Dinosaur Indominus Rex” you should not miss.

The Indominus Rex is depicted as a fearsome and formidable creature with a large size, muscular build, and distinctive physical features. It has a white coloration with grayish-black stripes, sharp teeth, and long arms with sharp claws. The Indominus Rex possesses a range of abilities that make it a formidable predator. These include enhanced strength, intelligence, camouflage (due to its ability to change color), and heightened senses. The Indominus Rex plays a central role in the 2015 film "Jurassic World," where it escapes from its enclosure and wreaks havoc on the island. Its escape leads to a series of events that endanger the visitors and staff of the park. The Indominus Rex also appears in subsequent films in the series, including "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" (2018).

SKU: BRC-Panlos 611002