TUOLE Block L8003 Robot Love Creator Expert


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Item No. TUOLE L8003
Product Name: Robot Love
Theme: Creator Expert
Bricks Blocks: 1125 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 6+
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✅ Tuole L8003 Robot Love
✅"WALL-E" and "EVA" are characters from the animated science fiction film "WALL-E," produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released in 2008. While not humans, these characters demonstrate a form of affection and connection that could be interpreted as a form of "robot love."

Product Name: Robot Love
Category: Creator 
This Kit Contains: Tuole L8003 
1125 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Size: 28 × 16.5 × 23.3 cm
Manual Instructions 
📌Nature of the protagonist 
Introducing our proud collection named “Robot Love” you should not miss. 
WALL-E is a small, waste-collecting robot left on Earth to clean up the planet after it has been abandoned by humanity due to excessive pollution. Despite his mechanical nature, WALL-E displays curiosity, emotions, and a sense of loneliness. He collects interesting items he finds, watches films, and develops a personality over time. EVE is a more advanced robot sent to Earth to search for signs of plant life as an indication of the planet's viability for human habitation. EVE initially appears to be more focused on her mission and is initially unresponsive to WALL-E's attempts to interact with her. However, as the story unfolds, EVE's interactions with WALL-E lead to the development of a strong bond and affection between the two robots.
SKU: BRC-Tuole L8003