JIESTAR Block 58093 U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft Military


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Item No. JIESTAR 58093
Product Name: U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft
Theme: Military
Bricks Blocks: 1363 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 6+
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✅JIESTAR 58093 U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft

✅The U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, also known as the "Dragon Lady," is a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft developed by Lockheed Martin. The U-2 is capable of flying at altitudes of up to 70,000 feet (over 20,000 meters), well above the range of most surface-to-air missiles and enemy aircraft. This high altitude provides the U-2 with an unobstructed view of the battlefield and enables it to conduct reconnaissance missions with minimal risk of detection or interception.


Product Name: U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft

Category: Military

This Kit Contains: JIESTAR 58093

1363 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 54 × 82 × 20 cm

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Introducing our proud collection named “U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft” you should not miss.

The U-2 has a long endurance capability, with missions lasting up to 12 hours or more. This extended loiter time allows the aircraft to conduct thorough reconnaissance of large areas and monitor targets of interest for extended periods. The U-2 is equipped with a variety of sensors and imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. These include optical and infrared cameras, radar systems, signals intelligence (SIGINT) equipment, and electronic warfare (EW) sensors. The U-2's sensors can capture high-resolution imagery and collect electronic intelligence data across a wide spectrum of frequencies.