JIESTAR Block JJ9016 Chemical Plant Natural Gas Transportation Station Modular Building


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Item No. JIESTAR JJ9016
Product Name: Chemical Plant Natural Gas Transportation Station
Theme: Modular Building
Bricks Blocks: 721 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 8+
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✅ JIESTAR JJ9016 Chemical Plant Natural Gas Transportation Station
✅A Natural Gas Transportation Station, also known as a natural gas refueling station or a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) station, is a facility designed to store, compress, and dispense natural gas as a fuel for vehicles. These stations play a vital role in the alternative fuel infrastructure, providing a cleaner-burning alternative to gasoline and diesel for various types of vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks, and even some industrial equipment.
Product Name: Chemical Plant Natural Gas Transportation Station
Category: Modular Building
This Kit Contains:  JIESTAR JJ9016 
721 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Size: 26.5 × 19.6 × 19.3 cm
Manual Instructions 
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Introducing our proud collection named “Chemical Plant Natural Gas Transportation Station” you should not miss. 

 These stations receive a supply of natural gas, often from a natural gas pipeline or a mobile delivery source, and store it on-site. The gas is usually in a gaseous state when it arrives. Natural gas is compressed to a higher pressure to increase its energy density and allow for efficient storage and transportation. This compression is typically done using compressors that are part of the station's equipment.  The compressed natural gas (CNG) is stored in high-pressure storage tanks at the station. These tanks can vary in size depending on the station's capacity and the expected demand for CNG.