JIESTAR Block JJ9034 Ivy Potted Plant Creator Expert


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Item No. JIESTAR JJ9034
Product Name: Ivy Potted Plant
Theme: Creator Expert
Bricks Blocks: 924 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 8+
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✅JIE STAR JJ9034 Ivy Potted Plant

✅Ivy, or Hedera, is a popular genus of climbing or trailing plants known for their lush foliage and versatility. There are many varieties of ivy, each with its own unique characteristics. Common types include English Ivy (Hedera helix), Algerian Ivy (Hedera canariensis), and Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus verticillatus), among others. They vary in leaf shape, color, and growth habit.


Product Name: Ivy Potted Plant

Category: Creator

This Kit Contains: JIE STAR JJ9034

924 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 22 × 13 × 17 cm

Manual Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “Ivy Potted Plant” you should not miss.

Ivy plants typically have vining or trailing growth habits, making them well-suited for hanging baskets, trellises, or as ground cover. They can also be trained to climb walls, fences, or other structures.  Ivy plants are prized for their attractive foliage, which is usually dark green, although some varieties may have variegated or even colorful leaves. The leaves are typically leathery and glossy, with various shapes such as lobed, heart-shaped, or lanceolate. Ivy plants generally prefer bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light conditions. They prefer evenly moist soil but are fairly drought-tolerant once established. It's essential not to overwater ivy, as this can lead to root rot.