JIESTAR Block JJ9047 Flying House UP Creator Expert


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Item No. JIESTAR JJ9047
Product Name: Flying House UP
Theme: Creator Expert
Bricks Blocks: 2626 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 6+
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✅JIE STAR JJ9047 Flying House UP

✅"UP" is a heartwarming animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2009. In the movie, the protagonist, Carl Fredricksen, fulfills his dream of adventure by attaching thousands of balloons to his house, turning it into a flying vessel. Accompanied by an enthusiastic Wilderness Explorer named Russell and a talking dog named Dug, Carl embarks on a journey to fulfill a promise to his late wife, Ellie.


Product Name: Flying House UP

Category: Creator

This Kit Contains: JIE STAR JJ9047

2626 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 20.3 × 20.3 × 47 cm

Manual Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

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The flying house in "UP" is a symbol of Carl's determination to honor his wife's memory and fulfill their shared dream of exploring Paradise Falls, a remote location in South America. The whimsical and imaginative concept of a house lifted into the sky by balloons captures the imagination of audiences of all ages. Throughout the film, the flying house becomes a character in its own right, serving as a backdrop for the emotional journey of its inhabitants and a source of both peril and wonder. The house's flight also represents themes of adventure, resilience, and the power of dreams.