MOC Factory Block 89447 ISD II Commandobridge Star Wars


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Item No. MOC Factory 89447
Product Name: ISD II Commandobridge
Theme: Star Wars
Bricks Blocks: 6532 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 12+
Arrange Time : 4-8 weeks

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✅ MOC-89447 ISD II Commandobridge

✅The ISD II Command Bridge is a fictional location in the Star Wars universe, specifically in the second version of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, which is a large capital ship used by the Galactic Empire.


Product Name: ISD II Commandobridge

Category: Star Wars

This Kit Contains: MOC-89447

6532  pcs Good Quality Bricks

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📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “ISD II Commandobridge” you should not miss.

The ISD II Command Bridge is the main control center of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and it is where the ship's captain and senior officers coordinate and direct the ship's operations. The bridge is located on the top of the Star Destroyer's hull, giving it a commanding view of the surrounding space. In the Star Wars films and expanded universe, the ISD II Command Bridge is depicted as a large, spacious room with several stations for various ship functions, including navigation, communications, and weapons control. The captain's chair is located at the center of the bridge, with other officers stationed around him to provide support and feedback.