MOULD KING Block 17059 Mobile Tower Crane With Motor Technician


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Item No. MOULD KING 17059
Product Name: Mobile Tower Crane With Motor
Theme: Technician
Bricks Blocks: 1731 ±pcs
Material: ABS Plastic
Ages: 10+
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✅MouldKing 17059 Mobile Tower Crane With Motor
✅A mobile tower crane is a type of crane designed to combine the benefits of tower cranes with the mobility of truck-mounted cranes. These cranes are mounted on a truck or a trailer, which allows them to be easily transported to different job sites. Once on site, the crane can be quickly set up and ready to operate.

Product Name: Mobile Tower Crane With Motor
Category: Technic
This Kit Contains: MouldKing 17059
1731 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Size:  21.6 × 55.7 × 64.8 cm
Manual Instructions 
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Introducing our proud collection named “Mobile Tower Crane With Motor” you should not miss. 
As they are mounted on trucks or trailers, mobile tower cranes can be easily driven to different locations, making them ideal for short-term projects or sites with limited access. Mobile tower cranes are designed for rapid assembly and disassembly, often requiring minimal time and effort compared to traditional tower cranes. These cranes can handle a variety of lifting tasks, from small to medium-sized loads, and are suitable for urban construction sites where space is limited. Despite their mobility, these cranes are designed to be stable during operation, often using outriggers to stabilize the crane while lifting loads.

SKU: BRC-MouldKing 17059