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An overview of Zhegao Block

  • Zhegao is the short name of Zhegao Education – a name that expresses its ultimate goal of providing high quality educational toys.

  • Zhegao’s products are very diverse, but the most unique one compared to other brands is the Lego Architecture product line with designs that no other toy company has.

  • We, Zhegao Block introduce and retail Lepin’s latest Lego-compatible jigsaw models with the cheapest price for consumers.

  • Zhegao Block also distributes, wholesales and wholesales to dealers who need abundant, stable and good price toys.

Zhegao Block products

  • Zhegao assembly patterns include Lego themes such as: Lego Army Military, Lego Architecture, Lego Technic, Lego Duplo

  • With Architecture, Zhegao designed many models that Lego did not have, thereby satisfying the Lego lovers who love the architecture.

Features of Zhegao block toy box

The outer box of the Zhegao assembly and assembler is made of cardboard, has very nice color printing, is coated with glossy nylon, printed on the above information: 

  • Brand name and Logo of company

  • the right age to play

  • number of pieces (number of blocks)

  • code of the product (usually 4 numbers)

  • photos of the product model after being assembled in many angles

  • Small photo depicts the real size of the model

  • Product name is translated into many languages

  • Warnings prohibit children under 3 from playing (due to many small pieces) in many languages

  • hazard symbols for children under 3 years old, reusable product icons, logos of CE, CCC quality standards

How to pack Zhegao brick set

  • The assemblies are large, the product box has many small carton boxes inside to divide the assembled jigsaw bags.

  • The small and medium assemblies have a carton tray inside to protect the assembled bags as well as keep the box nice.

  • The assemblies are relatively large, and the product box includes a plastic handle for easy transport.

  • Large assembled blocks (such as base plate, boat frame, mast …) are placed directly inside the product carton box. 

  • Medium-sized assembled blocks (such as engine, battery box …) are placed in a zip bag (nylon bag with lock).

  • Small assembled blocks are packed in a tear-shaped nylon bag. These bags may be numbered with a Lego set number

Characteristics of Zhegao assembly puzzles

  • Zhegao assembly blocks made of pure ABS plastic are safe for children, free of harmful substances, durable under physical effects (cars running through the stars), durable over time and temperature ( hot water washing is okay) similar to genuine Lego.

  • The puzzle pieces, blocks of the same size, plastic thickness, are completely mixed and compatible, completely mixed with Lego with a shiny surface, no excess plastic, no sharp edges.

  • At the bottom of each piece of plastic, the block of plastic is embossed with the manufacturer’s block code.

Features of Zhegao assembly guide

  • Print in full color

  • For large assemblies, the outer cover of the guide is coated with glossy nylon.

Conclusion on Zhegao of expert

  • High Quality

  • Brand clear

  • Beautiful & unique design


At our store, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of Zhegao Block building sets. Whether you're an experienced builder or just starting out, we have something to ignite your creativity and inspire hours of fun. Explore our collection and discover why Zhegao Block is a favorite among enthusiasts worldwide.

Our store specializes in a wide range of Zhegao Block building sets, designed to cater to various interests and skill levels.

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